Donate to help build a huge flying scotum

Here’s FIVE REASONS why the world needs a hot air balloon shaped like a gigantic testicles right now:

  1. The death of young men to testicular cancer can be prevented. 
  2. Ignorance & embarrassment are just two reasons this cancer causes any more trouble than it needs to. The way we can stop this is through awareness & confrontation.
  3. A massive flying ballsack will be impossible to ignore. And hopefully chip away at the taboos still surrounding this nasty little cancer. 
  4. Our balloon will also have a lifespan & a cost efficiency that will outperform any other media initiative: It is reusable, easily transported globally and should last us at least 10 years.
  5. It’s a massive pair of flying gonads! 

But 'SkyBalls' will give Male Cancer Awareness Campaign the ultimate awareness tool.

It is indisputable that early detection and early treatment are vital in this fight. 'SkyBalls' will be the worlds biggest awareness project and the main focus of the charity's testicular cancer awareness campaign.

Increasing awareness of testicular cancer is really important. And if one life gets saved because someone sees it and is inspired to start #JustCheckingForLumps then it will more than have repaid the amount of money we will have invested in getting this project off the ground.

£100k will allow us to design and build the balloon. PLUS it will cover the full operational / flying costs for its first year.

This enormous billboard in the sky has a lifespan of over a decade. It can, and will, travel across the world. And we hope it will deliver its vitally serious message from above in a way that will bring plenty of smiles and editorial coverage on the ground.

You can donate as little or as much as you want in most international currencies and we are operating a fixed funding structure so will only take the cash if the project gets fully funded.

If you need further convincing there are plenty of perks donated by some rather special friends of Male Cancer Awareness Campaign.